What is artERIEbarn?

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artERIEbarn is a way in which individuals can create their own artistic masterpiece, in a non-intimidating, structured, step by step studio session.  

By peeling you away from your hurried lifestyle, while giving you time to truly relax, we will help you to explore your inner creative being.

What else will you get from an artERIEbarn session?

  • Our professional staff will guide you through the process, helping you to complete the mural art of your dreams. You can check out our instructors over at the staff page.

  • When under this instruction, you will be able to capture a specific moment in time, your time to exhale, coupled with that “ah-ha” moment.

  • You will seek a higher ground through expressing your very own artistic dimensions. You may sense a rejuvenated, new “You,” once you have tapped into your gifts that take you to a path of freshness and vitality.

  • But most of all, you’ll have fun!